"My tuition from Graham started when I was a complete beginner on guitar. Over 8 years Graham guided me through ABRSM Grades 1 to 8, including Grade 5 theory, pushing me towards a high standard in each exam that I took. On top of this, Graham helped me successfully audition for the National Youth Guitar Ensemble, put on performances at school and in public, and record pieces for my GCSE music. Throughout this time, Graham selected, and guided me in selecting, pieces that improved my technique and increased the stylistic range of my repertoire (not just pieces for Graded exams). Graham's means of teaching involved a range of methods, predominantly verbal explanation and example set by himself, which worked very well. He was constructive in his teaching and always looked for improvements to make, as well as commending what was done well. Graham has been a friendly, and generally excellent, teacher over the years, and I am very thankful for it." - Jake, former National Youth Guitar Ensemble player

"I came to Graham as an adult who had been playing guitar, both electric and classical, for thirty years. My previous classical tuition was twenty years ago, and I wanted to advance my technique and even take a grade. I had previously taken Grade 6 (I started at that level) and Graham helped me work towards Grade 8. I never took it in the end - I got distracted by different musical pursuits, but throughout the several months of lesson I had with Graham I found him to be constructive, helpful, knowledgable and understanding. We also had memorable and inetresting discussions about the various styles of guitar music in the classical guitar repertoire, sharing some favourites, and also having some artistic differences!. You could not hope for a better classical guitar teacher." - George W

"I was fortunate enough to be taught the guitar by Graham whilst at secondary school. During this time, Graham's patience and holistic approach to teaching enabled me to achieve exam successes, and to enjoy performing. Playing to an audience was introduced at an early stage (in school assemblies, etc.), and future exams and performances were therefore less daunting. Graham was fully supportive in my GCSE music studies in which composition and performance were integral components. I enjoyed playing in an ensemble with Graham and fellow students; his teaching enabled all abilities to contribute and learn from the sessions. Lessons were always good fun and varied, and Graham set out clear objectives for the forthcoming week. I remain in contact with Graham as a friend and fellow guitarist, and am very grateful for the skills and knowledge I have acquired from him." - Zach

The pace and the level of the pieces was always accurately judged, thereby allowing him to progress at his own pace. It soon became apparent that he had natural ability and Graham nurtured this always. There were sometimes issues with production but Graham gave him techniques to rehearse this and developed this gradually without making him conscious of it. When he thought he was ready he prepared him for group recitals and performances. Again, it was measured and subtly achieved with optimal results. - Alison, parent

"I began lessons with Graham as a primary school student and a complete beginner. I found my lessons instantly enjoyable and found his teaching style to be so effective that I continued to study under him privately. I stayed with him until after sixth form when I auditioned for music colleges. In my time with him we covered a huge amount from the bare fundamentals to interpretation and musicality. The whole time Graham did his job with great expertise, patience and enthusiasm and helped me to progress to the level I am today." - George H, graduate of the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama; former National Youth Guitar Ensemble player